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Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

Phone: 400 991 9983
Web: www.chinarecruiter.net

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Job ID: 48036
Job Views: 15,145
Location: Taibei 台北, Taiwan
Job Category: Electronics
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2012-11-07 03:52:37


Purchasing & Sourcing

Job Description

Key Responsibilities
1. General Responsibility
a. Supplier Strategy – Define strategy in business category on using outsourcing suppliers for new products on Milwaukee’s product roadmap. Assist in making business decision by senior management team on whether to produce outside or in-house.
b. Industry Intelligence – Build up intelligence in the current trend of new technology in related industries, such as metal processing, plastic molding, quality, etc, and provide insight and influence to Milwaukee’s product roadmap.
c. Supplier Due Diligences – Constantly monitoring suppliers’ operation indicators, including financial health, employee turn-over, labor condition, etc, and provide insight to Milwaukee about any potential risk of operation and service level drop from suppliers. Work with internal teams for risk mitigation plan and execution.
d. Supplier Business Relationship – Establish and maintain good working relationship with suppliers or suppliers’ trade union/organization, and become a trustable business partner, while still maintain highest level of honesty and integrity in any business occasions.
2. New Product Development:
a. Supplier Selection– Understand Milwaukee’s requirements on suppliers and their delivery targets, and search for suitable suppliers from current supplier base or new suppliers from related industries. Work in conjunction with Quality and Engineering to determine suitability of suppliers in selection process.
b. Supplier Development and Setup - Develop industrial knowledge and find qualified new suppliers into Milwaukee’s supplier base. Work in conjunction with Quality and Engineering to determine development areas and plans to complete, including responsibilities and timing for all involved. Audit new suppliers and negotiate trade terms like payment, tooling, IP, NRE, liability insurance, warranty, order lead time, etc. Process MSA (Master Supply Agreement) with legal and supplier set up with Finance.
c. Supplier Management - Own Milwaukee’s business relationship with suppliers, and manage suppliers’ business operation toward Milwaukee’s requirements. Work with other teams such as quality, supply planning and engineering team, to plan and arrange suppliers delivery targets towards suit Milwaukee’s quality, cost and lead-time requirements.
d. Supplier Quotation - Request supplier for quotation of Milwaukee new products. Working with reliability/quality and engineering teams to clarify specs, performance and reliability expectations with suppliers. Study supplier cost break downs. Compose final quotation for supplier selection on new product development.
e. Cost Negotiation –Develop expertise knowledge on material, processes (optimization & fallout) and engineering cost analysis. Compare supplier quote of cost with industrial norm, and negotiate supplier cost towards win-win situation with suppliers. Utilize Milwaukee Factory Purchasing Team to uncover all opportunities to use internal knowledge and spend leverage to assist suppliers in driving lower component costs. Work with Supply Chain Management team to control the material cost and delivery targets.
f. Payments - Process payment requisitions for tooling, NRE, etc.
3. Existing Product:
a. VOT (Vendor On Time) – Mitigate on time delivery risks when they occur. Step in when Global Milwaukee Supply Chain or Regional Milwaukee Businesses need help in order pull-ins and push-outs delivery schedules. Coordinate information and changes so OPD can manage PO impacts and logistics arrangements. Work with supplier on long lead time component buffers when necessary.
b. Productivity – Work with Asia Purchasing management team to understand and negotiate on commodity movements, supplier consolidation, etc.
c. Cost Down and Continuous Engineering - Work with product support/value engineering and supplier process engineering teams to drive initiatives for cost down of existing products. Work with product support engineering team to drive for any initiatives needed for existing products, such as EOL components or new material phase-in.
d. MSA – Trade term updates and negotiation.
e. Payments – Work with Finance when suppliers complain about payments delay, etc

Job Requirements

Person Specifications
1. University degree in engineering or related fields
2. 5+ years of working experience as purchasing expert in the related industry
3. Knowledge and working experience in metal processing / treatment method, and metal materials
4. Be able to speak and write English, Mandarin Chinese fluently. Speaking of Cantonese Chinese will be a bonus.
5. Willing to travel frequently to visit factories and suppliers in China and around East Asia
6. Personality of honesty, integrity, cooperative, open-minded and optimistic
7. Have negotiation skills and quantitative analytical skills