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Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

Phone: 400 991 9983
Web: www.chinarecruiter.net

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Engineering Manager 工程经理 行业:石油/重工 工作地点:上海

Job ID: 48359
Job Views: 21,407
Location: Shanghai 上海, Shanghai
Job Category: Energy
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2013-12-09 00:40:45



Job Description

Job description
1.      To abide by regulations & rules and work instructions
of the company according to the requirements of quality
system flow chart, and to engage in technology management
and relevant work for engineering department according to
upper level manager’s arrangement & relative department
working request;
2.      To obey upper level manager, to implement his work
instruction, to perform the responsibilities;
3.      To exert management authority during the whole
processes, including the company technology introduction,
research & development of new products, new technology
promotion and application, technology instruction and
supervision etc.
4.      Responsible for establishing the technology management
rules of the company, and establishing rules of perfect product design,
new product trial production, standardized technical specification;
also responsible for performing technical instruction for company
products, conducting technology management, implementing
technical supervision and coordination, and organizing review
activities of technical achievements and technological economic benefit.
5.      Take charge of cultivation of technology management talents,
management of technology team; also responsible for recommending
introduction, cultivating professional technology personnel in a planned
way, besides, to take charge of business training and management, to
ensure team cooperation spirit of the engineering department member
and enough reasonable resource configuration for each project.
6.      Report, instruct, handle, coordinate, and solve the key technical
problems occurred in the project design in a timely way, to organize
personnel for repairing and checking the implementation status, and to
ensure the work is carried out normally;
7.      Implement, approve and maintain conformance to the established
procedures that control and verify the design output in order to ensure
that the specified requirements are met.
8.      Designate project/product engineer and furnish adequate human
resources to each project/product.

Job Requirements

1.      Mechanical or Relative Degree
2.      Steel Structure design or related project management
experience will be a plus
3.      Experienced in Rig /Related product & project Design
4.      Fluent in English and strong communication skills
5.      Strong capability of communication & team cooperation
6.      Be skilled in motivate underling