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Guangzhou 广州, Guangdong (China)


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Technical Manager 技术经理 行业:造纸机械 工作地点:山东 济宁

Job ID: 48650
Job Views: 18,900
Location: JiNing 济宁, Shandong
Job Category: Machinery & Parts
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2015-03-11 22:41:45



Job Description

 Job description


Set proper example of integrity and work ethic for direct reports and other company employees.


Responsible for the overall management of the Engineering Department. Assigns and oversees the design and engineering functions from initial concepts to final production of new equipment or alteration to existing product. Directly responsible for all production engineering and on time completion of required activity. Interfaces with all department managers, sales and aftermarket employees, purchasing and production and engineering management at plants and supplies. Responsible for coordinating with KBC or KL to confirm the document schedule and ECN issue.



Manage the goal and the job of technical department.

Help develop annual department goals and objectives.

Review, update and approve position descriptions for all department personnel, to set corresponding objectives, to regularly measure performance and publish on a monthly basis and advise department employees of their standing, and guide them in improving their performance


Evaluate general assignment and estimate total departmental time necessary to complete.

Manage the technical documents issuing based on the in time and exact requirement.

Ensure engineers provide direct and timely support to manufacturing workshops, process, purchasing, quality and shipping for understanding the drawings and BOM, deviation approval issues.


Reviews assignments and specifications in light of designing demands; negotiates alterations or requested revisions or proposals if necessary


Gathers and derives all necessary technical information.

Prepares technical information as required.


Evaluates dates for completion of engineering on standard and custom orders for new equipment, and schedules engineering personnel to meet these commitments.


Forecasts and tracks engineering hours as required monthly/annually for all functions performed by the department.


Take charge drawing reviewing meeting for the first article parts.

Follow up and verify the manufacture.

Manage the technical documents.

Initiates inquiries via Purchasing to outside suppliers.

Support the supplier development process.


Investigates manufacturing problems at our manufacturing facility and field installations.


Develops procedures for departmental and inter-departmental functions concerning Engineering.


Take charge new employee of technical department interview, evaluate, training and manage job.

Ensure department personnel are provided a suitable opportunity for development and training in order to allow them to satisfy their present position requirements and prepare themselves for broader responsibilities.



Support the involved departments to train the process technology for their staff.


Administration of budgets in association with the Engineering Department.


Chairs all safety review meetings.


Must strive to meet or exceed customer expectations and strive for continuous improvement in the daily processes of conducting business.


Complete President., directors assigned the other routine job.

Job Requirements


l   Engineering manager, or chief engineer with a track record of successfully developing and validating new parts and assemblies with mechanical sub-assemblies

l   Advanced degree in mechanical engineering

l   Able to think strategically as well as in daily detail

l   Good English in communicating business and technical issues in Mandarin and English