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Guangzhou 广州, Guangdong (China)


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Production Engineer 生产工程师 行业:印刷造纸 工作地点:广西

Job ID: 48681
Job Views: 14,367
Location: China Other 中国其他, Guangxi
Job Category: Others
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2015-06-26 04:21:23



Job Description

 Job description

1.      区域安全Safety in area

2.      与生产工程师-1紧密合作,组织与协调纸板机生产,全面提升纸板机区域安全,环境与能源绩效, 以及生产效率, 产品品质及生产成本的绩效。Be responsible for organizing and coordinating the board machine operation in cooperation with production engineer-1, to fully develop the board machine area safety/environment/energy performance, and the production efficiency, product quality and production cost performance.

3.      纸板机区域日常生产工艺提升。Daily development of production process in Board machine area.

4.      负责纸板机化工品, 产品配方及涂料配方的管理。Responsible for board mill chemicals, board mill furnishes and coating recipes management.

5.      负责纸板机区域维修工作的协调, 及计划停机维修计划的安排与跟踪。Responsible for board machine maintenance coordination with relative department, and the arrangement and follow up of maintenance plan in plan shut down.

6.      区域操作人员维修工作的发展.Operator maintenance development in area

7.      区域员工工作辅导与培训.Staff coaching and training

8.      推动区域设备管理, 达成高可用性及可靠性.Steering the area machinery management for high availability and reliability.

9.      持续改善工作.Continuous improvement work

10.    整体效率与成本控制(计划与跟踪)。Overall effectiveness and cost control (planning and follow up)

11.    与后续复卷及完成工序, 实验室充分合作, 跟踪纸板产品品质。Follow up board quality in cooperation with winder, converting and laboratory

12.    区域环境保护工作开展。Environmental protection development in area

13.    其他相关的工作任务。Other work related tasks

Job Requirements


1.      教育背景:大学本科或同等程度。Education requirement: BSc or equivalent

2.      工作经验:了解纸/纸板行业, 8年以上纸板厂工作经验,3年以上湿部操作经验。Professional experience required: Understanding on paper/board industry, with at least 8 years of Board Mill production experience, and at least 3 years of wet end operation experience.

3.      较强的沟通与协调技能。Strong communication and networking skills

4.      语言能力:中文说写流利, 会英文优先。Language requirements: Fluent written and spoken Mandarin, English is advantage

5.      思维开放,能在跨国团队中工作。Open-minded person with ability to work within an international team

6.      其他要求:团队合作, 结果导向及谈判技巧。Other requirements and preferred traits: team player, results oriented and negotiation skills

7.      良好的抗压能力及工作前瞻性。Good stress tolerance and proactive