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Production Manager 生产经理 行业:机械制造 工作地点:山西定襄

Job ID: 48702
Job Views: 6,199
Location: China Other, Shaanxi
Job Category: Machinery & Parts
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2015-09-14 22:32:22


Production Management

Job Description

  Job description

Focusing on the following关注以下几点:

1.      Preparing production planning on monthly, weekly and daily basis.准备月度、周度、每日生产计划

2.      Preparing detailed plan on the human resources recruitment (recruitment or release) in his area and follow up with HR these processes.在其领域内准备人力资源招聘的详细计划(招聘或解雇),并及时向人力资源部报备

3.      Ensuring that the products are produced entirely following the company’s design and specifications and all other quality procedures that may come from clients’ or certification requirements.确保产品的生产完全遵照公司设计和规格,以及其他来自客户或者证书要求的质量程序


Key areas being关键职能包括:

1.      Preparing- together with the Technical Manager annual CAPEX plan.跟技术经理一起准备年度资本支出计划

2.      Preparing a list of consumables which requires regular stock and following up with the stock keeper of having the min quantity.准备需要定期存储的耗材清单,并跟库管跟进需要的最少量

3.      Keeping regular communication with the general manager for any production deadline changes required by the Clients Informing the Technical Manager of any requirement for product design changes, developments, etc.定期跟总经理沟通客户要求的生产日期变更,如有产品设计变更、发展等要求,及时跟技术经理沟通

4.      Informing the Technical Manager of any requirement for special repair or maintenance requirements of the machinery, any signs on possible defects of the Companys equipment.机器的特殊修复或保养要求,公司设备的任何潜在缺陷应及时通知技术经理

5.      Minimizing raw material consumption, preparing and executing programs for reducing scrap rate.减少原材料损耗,准备和执行程序用于减少废品率

6.      Preparing and executing programs to reduce time and material losses due to quality defects made during the manufacturing process.准备和执行程序,用于减少生产过程中由于质量缺陷导致的时间和材料浪费

7.      Developing the production team to satisfy the production requirements of the company by having multi skilled and flexible workforce.通过具有多种技能的灵活劳动力来发展生产团队以满足公司的生产要求

8.      Leading the company’s Lean approach in the manufacturing process.在生产过程中领导公司的精益方法

9.      Leading the company’s efforts to minimize the stock of raw material, semi finished goods and final products.在减少原材料、半成品及成品的存储方面起领导作用

10.    Optimizing the working hours of the workers, limiting overtime as much as possible.优化工人工作时间,尽可能减少加班时间

11.    Arranging the production, shifts in consideration of optimizing utility consumption.优化公用品消耗,安排生产及排班

12.    Training and supervising the workers to wear the required safety and labor protection items and that they follow in general the company’s related policies and certificates (e.g. EHS, OHSAS, etc)培训和监督工人佩戴必要的安全和劳动保护的用品,遵循公司的相关政策和证书(如EHSOHSAS等)

13.    Reporting to the management on regular and case by case basis.有规律的、一件一件的向管理层报告

14.    Setting annual targets for the subordinates and reviewing their performance in relation to the set targets, discussing improvement options, considering possible punishments, promotions, etc, preparing promotion and succession plans, if needed PIP’s.为下属设定年度目标,并审查其相对于既定的目标性能,讨论改进方案,考虑可能的处罚,提升,等等,准备推广和继任计划,如果需要绩效改进计划的话

15.    Identifying training needs, preparing regular training plan, making feedback to the management and HR on the efficiency of the trainings.确定培训需求,定期编制培训计划,将培训的效率反馈给管理层和人力资源

16.    Coordinating all work-related injury or sickness issues with HR immediately when they are known.发生工伤或者与工作有关的伤病时立即与人力资源部联系                          

Job Requirements



1.      Education教育: Technical Qualification技术资质

2.      Diploma in Production and Technical生产和技术文凭

3.      Experience经历: 5+ years working experience in Production Technology & Management生产技术&管理方面5年以上工作经验

4.      Skills技能: Communication skills, computer skills, leadership skills沟通、计算机、领导能力

5.      Abilities能力: Fluency in oral and written English preferred有英语能力者优先考虑