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Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

Phone: 400 991 9983
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Sales Manager

Job ID: 48768
Job Views: 6,134
Location: XiaMen 厦门, Fujian
Job Category: Hardware
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2016-10-25 18:11:09



Job Description

Our client is a multinational company from Europe, with products for faucet and sanitory industry

Position:  Sales Manager-Fujian and surrounding area

Report to: Sales Director

Subordinate: 1 Customer Service
Location: Xiamen, Fujian Province

1.  Assist sales director to make sales strategy, in order to give suggestion and information support to important sales decision.

1)   Make annual planning for area sales according to company sales strategy;

2)   Support to collect related industry policy, competitors information, customer information etc, analyze market development trend;

3)   Provide precise information such as sales status, cost control, receivable to sales director and related departments at regular intervals, in order to give information support for important decision.

 2. Leading the subordinates to complete market research, market development, sales,customer service, etc

1) Base on annual sales target, make working plan and budget, and organize to execute;

2) Organize to work for market development, execute company policy, fulfill sales target;

3) Organize to work for customer management, maintain important customer and keep a good relationship with other customers.

4) Responsible for review quotation of products, take part in contract negotiation, contract conclude and sign.

5) Make sales forecast, and apply for pre-production.

6) Support after-sale service such as customer training, return and exchange products;

7) Leading the team to collect the payment in time, clear and receive the overdue payment, support the financial department to complete the settlement. 

3. Participate in the new product development

1) Base on the characteristics of the area market, give suggestion to the product improvement, new product development;

2) Join in new product marketing, and new product sales

 4. Internal team organization and management

1) Responsible for team building of area sales team, make allocation, training and appraisal to the subordinates.

2) Supervise executive condition of the work target of subordinates, and give guidance timely.



Job Requirements

Knowledge / experience required for the job

Indicate the area of knowledge that is necessary to carry out the functions of the position, the academic  training   necessary,   specialised  courses,   languages,  specific   abilities,  minimum previous experience, and the minimum period of adaptation previously in order to carry out functions normally.

 - Areas of Knowledge:

1) know well about the sanitary products

2) skilled in office, SAP

 - Academic Training:

Junior college or above degree

have C1 driver license 

- Specialised courses / languages: High level of English; 

- Abilities:

has keen insight to the market 

- Previous Experience:

five years or above work experience, two years or above sales management