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Sales Engineer

Job ID: 48950
Job Views: 3,798
Location: Chengdu 成都, Xichuan
Job Category: Machinery & Parts
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2018-04-25 10:51:24



Job Description

 a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, high-performance extruders and complete extrusion lines according to customers’ specifications.


1、 协助销售经理管理及开拓市场。

Assistant to sales manager in managing and developing market.
2、 联系、拜访潜在的客户,增强客户与公司的友好关系;
Contact\ visit targeted customers, strengthen the relationship;
3、 负责合同的谈判与签订;
Responsible for negotiating and signing contracts;
4、 负责销售合同中技术细节征求技术部门的确认,并跟进每一销售合同的全过程;
Responsible for confirming with technical department about the technical details of the sales contract and follow up the whole process of the sales contract.
5、 负责合同款项的追收,包括:定金、货款及技术保证金;
Responsible for the contract payments of the projects, including chasing of deposit, payment and technical deposit;
6、 参与筹备产品的参展及促销活动,以及策划产品宣传资料的内容;
Participate in the preparation of products and promotional activities as well as planning product promotional materials;
7、 为制订销售策略提供及时、准确市场信息;


Job Requirements

1、 机械、电气或高分子专业本科以上,良好的英语沟通能力;
Mechanical\ Marketing or business bachelor degree above, good English skills;
2、 3年或以上塑料机械及相关行业营销工作经验;
Minimum 3 years’ sales experience with background in plastic machinery and related industry;
3、 熟知行业内的竞争手段、价格水平、客户状况;
Well knowledge about competition means\ price\customer situation;
4、 熟悉塑料管材挤出机械的产品质量标准和性能;
Familiar with plastic pipe extrusion products’ quality standards and functions;
5、 具有较强的判断、分析、人际交往、应变、谈判及组织协调能力;
Have strong ability in judging \analyzing\ interacting\ negotiating and coordinating;
6、 具有较强的语言表达能力;
Good communication skills;
7、 掌握与销售相关的财务知识和法律常识;
Master sales related financial knowledge and legal knowledge。
8、 愿意出差及参与相关塑料展会和研讨会;
Willing to travel consistently to customers and participate at plastic exhibitions and seminars.