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Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

Phone: 400 991 9983
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China Sales Manager

Job ID: 49048
Job Views: 8,014
Location: Qingdao 青岛, Shandong
Job Category: Chemical&Polymer&Plastic
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2019-03-26 09:15:05



Job Description

Our client is a global leading company from Europe with chemical products and with application in the industries such as automotive, enginnering process, medical manufacturing etc


Joinining into China market over 15 years, now with the business expansion and fast moving with the team, they are looking for 


Position Title:  China Sales Manager

Reporting to:  China General Manager

Subordinate:2-3 team members

Location: Qingdao or homebased nearby


Job description

1       负责中国销售活动的所有方面,包括收入增长,利润率提高,销售团队管理和客户关系;

Responsible for all aspects of the China sales activities including revenue growth, margin improvement, sales team management and customer relationships

2       发展销售团队,培养符合公司文化的团队精神,带领团队完成中国市场的销售目标;

Develop the sales team, cultivate the team spirit in line with the company culture and lead the team to achieve sales targets in the China market

3       与全球销售部合作,开发新的机会和重要客户;

Cooperate with the Global Sales Department to develop new opportunities and key accounts

4       策划活动,以增加现有大客户的销售额;

Plan activities to increase sales with existing key accounts

5       为团队制定并分解目标,并就中国区域的战略向全球销售部提供建议;

Set and break down targets for the team, and advise the Global Sales Department on strategy for the China area

6       将市场趋势和客户需求转化为能够创造竞争优势的可操作目标;

Transfer market trends and customer needs into actionable goals that create competitive advantage

7       通过定期的拜访和沟通,独立地和团队一起发展客户关系;

Develop customer relationships through regular visits and communication, independently and together with the team

8       协调市场活动(如市场调研),参加专门的展览和展会,以寻找潜在客户;

Coordinate marketing activities (such as market research) and attend specialized exhibitions and fairs to scout potential clients

9       处理每周和每月的定期报告;

Handle regular reporting on a weekly and monthly basis

10     必要时,领导项目;

Lead projects when needed

11     作为领导团队的一部分,代表公司的销售工作;

Represents the organization in regards to sales as part of the leadership team




Job Requirements

 Job Requirements:



Bachelor Degree or above in technical or chemical subject


Strong communication skills in English and Mandarin both spoken and written


Familiar with office sofewareWORD,EXCEL,PPT,etc


10+ years of technical sales working experience


Experience selling products to the automotive industry


Good understanding of chemical compounds


Excellent presentation and negotiation skills


Mature in leading a team, and developing team members


Proven track record in sales


Skilled at managing relationships with different stakeholders


Able to work independently and also a good team player


Diligent and able to structure own work


Hands-on, customer oriented and passionate


Available to travel extensively in China