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Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

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System Engineer for Technical Data

Job ID: 49064
Job Views: 3,222
Location: Shanghai 上海, Shanghai
Job Category: Machinery & Parts
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2019-05-10 15:36:51



Job Description

  Our client  have successful business for more than 7  decades with headquarter located in Europe. As a high-end and global leading company in the industry of welding equipment ,their footprints cover more than 60 countries and have been widely used in various industries, like automotive, aerospace, Industrial sector, etc.

Position Title:  System Engineer for Technical Data

Reporting to:  Technical Support Leader

Location: Shanghai 

Job Duties



    • Support for the national technical support 



    • Liaison between national tech support management and Business Unit of Global



    •  Principal point of contact on the subject of Welding Data Applications in supportund sales organization
    •   Configuration, organization, installation and support of Welding Data Application projects and/orprograms 
    • Give trainings independently
    • Mailund phone-support for technical questions
    •  Support market launch of productssystems and processes
    •    Electro technicaland software technical start assistance and system integrations 
    • Support for challenging system-configurations (OK-point)
    •  Contribute for product maintenance e.g.: push adaptations and development 
    •   Contribute for creation of service concepts
    • Contribute at events (fairslectures)

Job Requirements


  • Passion 富有激情的


    • Networks, Internet of Things, BUS, Industry 4.0, Software, automation and traceability /


    对网络、物联网、计算机总线、工业 4.0、软件、自动化和追溯系统(充满兴趣)


    educational training 教育背景


    • Completed education in electrical engineering/electronics or the field of IT, technical college or graduation in a polytechnic /


    相关电子工程教育背景,电气工程/电子学专业或 IT 领域,技术类大学/理工科学院


    technical training 技术培训

    Welding, IT or electrotechnical education / 焊接,IT 或 电工培训


    professional practice 专业实践经验

    know-how in welding technology or IT is advantageous / 有焊接技术或 IT 知识方面者优先考虑


    skills, knowledge 技能,知识


    • Entrepreneurial thinking (customerand cost awareness/ 具有创业思维客户至上和成本意识



    • Team-based working / 良好的团队合作



    • Willingness to share know-how 乐于分享知识
    • Travel readiness / 愿意出差
    • Willingness to visit customer in a defined area / 愿意在指定的区域内拜访客户
    • Willingness to visit trainingssales meetings and fairs / 愿意参加相关培训,销售会议和展会
    • Driver licence / 持有驾照
    •  IT knowledge / 具有 IT 技能



    Languages 语言


    •  English / 英语 and Native Chinese/中文