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English Trainer-Internal

Job ID: 49156
Job Views: 1,470
Location: China Other 中国其他, Shandong
Job Category: Automotive & Parts
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2020-03-11 15:18:27



Job Description

 Our client is newly setup company in China, with headquarter in Germany, to meet with their expansion in China Market, they are now looking for a high caliber as following

General Guideline: This role will first focus on the internal training and documation translation, then later will be gradually entitled more duties like E-Commerce management
Training 培训(70%):
1. Responsible for the organization and coordination of the company's overall English learning and improvement projects, including but not limited to student management, course design, course publicity, training implementation and operation, assessment, feedback and research;
2. Participate in the training system design of all levels of staff, and docking with the various measures of English ability training;
3. Participate in the organization of experience summary and knowledge accumulation, so as to develop appropriate work scenarios and help employees faster competent and develop learning projects;
Translation 翻译(30%):
1. Responsible for English translation of the company, such as: technical data, foreign customer reception, etc.
2. Responsible for file management and project materials production.
Responsibilities of e-commerce management to be assigned in the coming future

Job Requirements


Education: Degree or higher in English Language, Education or equivalent related discipline
Working Experience: Minimum 3 years relevant working experience in corporate training, experience in course development or internal training is preferred
1. Excellent English language skills, overseas study or work experience background is preferred; 
2. Can communicate with western foreigners without any barrier, with good prounciation as the native's
3. Good presentation, guidance, organization and coordination skills;
4. Proficient in Office software, capable of photo and video editing;
5. Accurately identify and explore training needs, and provide effective learning development solutions;
6. Having an open mind, strong self-motivation, good at thinking and learning summary, strong communication skills, and strong learning insight.