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Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

Phone: 400 991 9983
Web: www.chinarecruiter.net

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Senior Java Engineer

Job ID: 49170
Job Views: 1,345
Location: Shenzhen 深圳, Guangdong
Job Category: Internet
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2020-04-01 15:18:30



Job Description

A fast growing company in the industry of HMI (Human Machine Interface) is now hiring a high caliber to join with their team, the details as following

1. Familiar with tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic and other common server types; 

2. Proficient in Java Web programming, such as JSP, servlet, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, etc.; with experience and ability in designing and developing external API interface, familiar with distributed, cache, messaging and other mechanisms; 

3. expertise in android app and Apple App development; 

4. Familiar with the framework for micro-service

 5. Proficient in springboot, springmvc, mybaits, redis, Nacos, Dubbo, fastjson, swagger and other technical frameworks;

 6. Expertise in Vue front-end architecture and elementui as well as Axios and other technologies; 

7. expertise in the optimization for  the systems bottlenecks and tuning methods, be a  master of Oracle / SQL Server / MySQL and other databases, and be familiar with at least one database optimization technology; 

8. Have experience in leading a large nd medium-sized information projects; have experience in  team building; be able to independently, successfully and skillfully complete complex special tasks, and be familiar with standardized software design and development process; 


9. Good analytical ability, good working attitude, able to deal with urgent problems, good communication and coordination ability, good sense of service and teamwork ability, strong logical thinking, problem solving ability

10. Good command of English

Job Requirements