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Start Up Service Manager

Job ID: 49177
Job Views: 3,776
Location: Beijing 北京, Beijing
Job Category: Automation & Electric
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2020-04-16 14:14:25



Job Description

 Our client is an international manufacturer of chassis, Axle systems and components, with Office in Germany, through 30 countries running the business with the facility in American as Canada, USA, Germany, Asia China, around 4,000 professionals armed supporting the clients,Currently they are looking for a high caliber to drive the business growth


Job Title: Start-up Service Manager

Reporting to: GM

Location: Beijing



  • Discover eventual mechanical, electrical and software problems and manage they solving in quickest and reasonable way;

  • 对机械,电器以及软件等进行检查并发现问题,快速且合理的解决所发现和存在的问题

  • Set-up the right parameters on the machinery or production line for correct production process.
  • 保证设备正确制造且设备的工作流程正确;

  • Ensure that all planning activity will be done on time.
  • 确保所有的计划都按时完成;

  • Optimize eventual technical solution and timely report to the Project Manager.
  • 及时提出最完善的技术方案并及时向项目经理汇报

  • Develop daily, weekly and monthly reports for commissioning and start-up progress
  • 写设备生产和调试的日报,周报和月报

  • Obtain the Final acceptance of installed machinery or production line
  • 负责从客户处拿到最终验收报告(设备安装和生产的设备)

  • Manage handover of installed machinery or production line to Final Customer
  •        将设备最终交接给客户

  • Provide leadership and support to commissioning team
  • 负责领导和协助调试团队完成设备的调试工作

  • Other tasks assigned by the COMPANY, Project manager.
  • 其它由公司、项目经理安排的工作。


Job Requirements



  •  University degree or above; Mechanical or electrical major; Fluent English; Extensive experience in electrical and mechanical installation and commissioning; Experience of use with Siemens S7, Omron PLC; Can adapt to be long-term business trips; Excellent learning ability; Experience in working in European foreign companies or communicating with foreign engineers is preferred;

    大学本科以上学历;机械或者电气专业;流利的英语沟通能力; 具有电气和机械安装调试方面的丰富经验; 有西门子或者欧姆龙PLC的使用调试经验; 可适应长时间出差;优秀的学习能力;有在欧洲外企工作或与外国工程师交流经验的优先考虑;

  • Must have Degree / Diploma in Electrical or Electronics Engineering.

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Project Management related to Project Site work.

  • Preferred to have knowledge in Electrical Installation and Commissioning either in Automotive or Plant Projects.