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Sales Director-Overseas Market

Job ID: 49205
Job Views: 2,438
Location: Guangzhou 广州, Guangdong
Job Category: Electronic&Semiconductor
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2020-06-17 14:00:57



Job Description

 我们的客户为国内专注于LED集成封装光源COB(Chip On Board)的企业, 在该领域拥有全球领先的技术, 同时得益于领先的技术, 他们在COB市场获得了极大的市场份额, 也因此获得资本的青睐,并得到了越来越多的投资, 目前,他们正处于加速发展的通道, 因而需要更多的人才加入到管理团队中来

Our client is a domestic company specialized in COB for LED industry, owing front-edge technology, they have gained much market share in the niche industry and therefore attract many investors who are going to inject much more capital, they are growing on the acceleration lane, hence they need high calibers to join in their management team
Title: 销售及市场开拓总监 Sales Director-Overseas market
Report to: CEO
Subordinates:Sales team 海外团队 
1、全权负责开拓海外市场,实现业绩目标;全权负责本部门工作, 包括营销和销售,商务接待出访、运营管理,流程优化、团队建设,等。对客户满意度负责;
Fully responsible for developing the overseas market to achieve performance targets; lead and manage the overseas department, activities including marketing and sales, commercial , process optimization, team building, etc. Be responsible for customer satisfaction
To maintain a good relationship with the core international customers and  develop new customers
3、统筹协调公司各部门资源,响应国际客户对技术服务和产品开发方面的要求, 组织新产品的策划、开发、导入、推广等,以及产品的生命周期管理;
To coordinate other departments, international customers responding to the requirements of technical service and product development,to be responsible for the product planning, developing, NPI and promotion, as well as product life cycle management
Collect market information, analyze industry trends, sort out customers' future needs, and formulate development plans for international business. Involve in the development strategy of the company

Job Requirements

 1、本科或研究生以上学历, 电子类专业优先;

Bachelor degree or above, major in electronic is preferred
More than 10 years of experience in the LED industry , including 3 years of marketing experience. familiar with the upstream and downstream industry of LED, with proven job record. 
Professional, comprehensivly strong ability with good insight, affinity, good skills of analyzing, planning, organizing, commucating, and team management, expertise at identifying potential business opportunities, and to facilitate collaboration
Good command of English and overseas study or working experience is preferred
Excellent interpersonal communication and coordination skills,good team work spirit.