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Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

Phone: 400 991 9983
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Sales Director

Job ID: 49213
Job Views: 7,896
Location: China Other, Zhejiang
Job Category: Automotive & Parts
Employment Type:
Posted: 2020-07-07 11:20:18



Job Description

Our client is an international manufacturer of chassis, Axle systems and components, with Office in Germany, through 30 countries running the business with the facility in American as Canada, USA, Germany, Asia China, around 4,000 professionals armed supporting the clients locally, roughly Sales Revenue of ERUO$2,000 Million  , this is full of creative and energetic company. They have set up two plants in China with about 500 staffs  including a new plant building up in Shanghai nearby , which is almost 20-30% Sales increase with the business growing in the fast years, therefore. Currently they are looking for a high caliber to drive the business growth
Position Title:  Sales Manager
Report to: GM ( Foreigner from Europe)
Subordinate: 10
Location: Jiaxing City, close to shanghai
Job description:
     Formulate overall sales strategy, sales plan and quantified sales target according to the development  the company's strategic planning;
     Made annual sales budget and completed the sales tasks assigned by the company;
     Develop various evaluation indexes such as sales volume, market coverage and market share;
     Broke down the sales target and formulated the responsibility and expense evaluation method;
     Formulate and adjust sales operation policies according to market operation conditions;
     Organize and lead the sales team to achieve the sales target, coordinate and deal with various market problems;
     Relationship maintenance: customer group relationship maintenance;Major public relations clients.


Job Requirements

二、任职要求Job requirements:
     Junior College or above;
     More than 8 years' working experience in automobile industry, machining industry or more than 5 years' sales management experience in power drive system for special vehicle;
3、语言表达能力、沟通能力强,具有较强的客际关系处理能力 ;
     Strong language expression and communication skills, and strong inter-customer relationship processing ability;
     Proficient in English or Spanish, including listening, speaking, reading and writing
5、外向、乐观,思维活跃,有较好的创新能力和策划能力 ;
     Outgoing, optimistic, active in thinking and good at innovation and planning;
     Excellent coordination ability, good at formulating marketing policies and sales strategies according to market changes, customer needs and market competition needs;
     Have the ability to shape the overall image of the company, improve the visibility and reputation of the enterprise;
     Proficient in ERP