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Chip Architec for Automotive Radar

Job ID: 49225
Job Views: 1,792
Location: Hangzhou 杭州, Zhejiang
Job Category: Electronic&Semiconductor
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2020-08-19 11:31:51



Job Description

Our client is a leading company in the domestic market of ssd controllers for consumer and enterprise appications, as one of key performers in the niche market,  with core competence in the areas of NAND Flash based storage solutions, information security and SOC design, to meet with fast growing in China market, they are now looking for a high caliber to join their team as 
我们的客户是国内数据存储管理芯片领域的领先企业, 他们以数据存储管理、信息安全、SOC芯片为核心研发方向,是目前国际上为数不多掌握高端数据存储管理芯片核心技术企业之一,他们目前正处于高速发展阶段, 特聘以下人才
车载雷达芯片架构师  (Chip Architect for Automotive Radar)
 Based on the product requirements of millimeter wave radar for automtive, complete the definition of chip spec.
2. 根据车载豪米波雷达的系统需求,完成处理器选型,软硬件任务划分,模块划分等芯片架构设计工作。
According to the system requirements of the millimeter wave radar for automtive, select the processor type, hardware and software , module and other tasks for the chip architecture .
3. 在算法工程师的协助下,解决关键技术问题和算法的优化,主导RTL实现和FPGA验证,和场景测试任务。
With the assistance of algorithm Engineers, solve key technical problems and and complete the algorithm optimization, implement  RTL and FPGA verification, and and conduct the  test for scenario 
With the assistance quality engineer, conduct the certification for the chip for vehicle.
Lead the hardware design of the prototype of millimeter wave radar for automtive, including FPGA verification prototype and EVB prototype system.

Job Requirements


Master degree or above in communication engineering, digital signal processing, electronic engineering, computer and other related majors
Familiar with digital signal processing algorithm, algorithm for millimeter wave radar for automtive and applications for autonomous driving
Familiar with SOC chip design process, and have experience in SoC chip architecture design.
Be familiar with the design of vehicle chip.  Experience in AEC_ Q100, is026262 is preferred
Have strong communication skill both in internal and external relationship, good at innovation, team spirit