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Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

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活动策划经理-Event planning manager (8-15k / month, 15 salary)

Job ID: 49287
Job Views: 101
Location: Guangzhou 广州, Guangdong
Job Category: Internet
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2021-02-03 13:49:35



Job Description




(1) 根据业务需求,建立B端营销通路,开展以获取成单线索为目标的营销活动包括活动的策划、组织实施、项目管理、成本管控;

   According to the business needs, establish b-end marketing channels, and carry out marketing activities aimed at obtaining job orders, including activity of planning, organization and implementation, project management, and cost control;


(2) 负责与外部行业峰会、展会等相关目标人群聚集渠道开展多维度市场合作,输出公司在目标圈层中的影响力,沉淀目标客户,进行会议营销效果监控、线索数据收集、线索转化监控与总结等,助力成单转化;

   Responsible for carrying out all kinds of cooperation with external industry summit, exhibition and other related potential channels, try to exert influence in the target circles, develop potential customers, monitoring the effect of the conference marketing, collecting data clue, monitoring and summarizing results of clue conversion, etc., and assisting in concerting the clues into job orders ;


(3) 对外维护目标行业或组织的关系,与其建立深层次的互动合作以触达目标客户获取销售线索;

   Maintain the relationship with the target industries or organizations, and establish deep interaction and cooperation with them to approach the target customers and obtain sales leads;


(4) 对市场有灵敏的触觉和洞察,拥有较强的资讯搜集能力获知行业热点和竞品动态,及时调整优化活动运营方案;

   Have a strong sense of the market trend and insight, have a strong ability to collect information, know the industry hot spots and competitive product trends, timely adjust and optimize the operation plan of activities;


(5) 与销售团队紧密配合,了解销售团队动态及需求,有服务意识,不断优化市场工作并能够将工作进行数据化效果追踪。

   Work closely with the sales team, understand the dynamic and demand of the sales team, have a sense of service, constantly optimize the marketing work, and be able to track the data effect of the work.

Job Requirements




 (1) 本科及以上学历,3-5年以上互联网市场B端营销经验,有大型会议操盘经验,活动运营经验为主;

    Bachelor degree or above, more than 3-5 years of Internet marketing experience in b-end, experience in organizing large-scale conference  and launching events;


(2) 具备较强的项目统筹能力、良好的谈判能力,主动进行内外部沟通协调,推动各个项目落地;

   Have strong coordination ability in project management and good negotiation ability, can actively communicatie with internal and external stakeholders , and promote ability to push projects to implement;


(3) 具备较强的营销活动策划能力及文案撰写能力;

  Strong ability of marketing and planning, good at writing;


(4) 思维严谨,逻辑清晰,对数据有一定的敏感度,有快速的学习能力及抗压能力。

  Rigorous ,logic, sensitive to data, quick learning ability and can work under pressure.