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Sales Manager-South

Job ID: 49665
Job Views: 1,854
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Job Category: Machinery & Parts
Employment Type:
Posted: 2021-06-17 11:44:59



Job Description

 Our client is an international manufacturer of fluid and Pump products, with head office in Germany,  more than 65 facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia, running the business more than 5 decades as a Family-owned company with stable and strategy Philosophy.

They have been in businees in China for more than 20 years, with business in North China, Central China, and South China

● 负责公司华南区域市场的销售,并对公司月度和全年的市场销售指标负责
Be responsible for the sales of the company's Southern regional market, and be responsible for the company's monthly and annual market sales target
● 为该地区已有客户提供支持以及产品和应用方面的建议,负责经销商的开发和管理,完成市场开拓和销售目标
Support for our existing customers in industry and provide technical product and application advice, responsible for the development and management of dealers in the region to achieve market development and sales targets
● 负责积极开拓公司产品的市场和应用领域,积极拜访该地区客户,并建立长远合作关系
Responsible for developing the market and application fields of the company's products,visit regional customers and build up long-term relationship.
● 负责定期与该地区的各大设计院进行技术交流,推广公司产品
Responsible for regular technical exchanges with the major design institutes in the region, and promote the company's products
● 具备敏锐的市场观察力,拥有开发特定于客户的概念和以目标为导向的项目管理能力,可以针对销售市场情况及时给予公司市场销售策略方面的建议
Have keen market observation, develop customer specific concept and goal oriented project management ability,can provide the advice on the marketing strategy in time according to the marketing situation
● 每周按时提交工作计划和周报
Submit work plan and weekly report on time every week
● 遵循公司的规章制度和员工守则
Follow company policy and employee handbook.
l 拥有较强的团队意识和团队合作能力
Have strong sense of teamwork and teamwork ability
● 完成领导交代的其它工作
Complete other tasks assigned by leader

Job Requirements

● 设计或机械专业本科以上学历,了解泵或流体技术优先考虑
Bachelor degree in design or mechanical engineering is required,knowledge of pump or fluid technology is preferred
● 5年以上销售经验或3年以上相关行业销售经验,具有水处理行业或工业以及化工行业销售经验优先考虑
More than 5 years sales experience or more than 3 years sales experience in related industry, water treatment industry or industrial and chemical industry sales experience is preferred
● 有竞争意识和能力,能够承受工作压力并独立计划和开展工作,具有良好的沟通和协调交际能力
Competitive, able to work under pressure and plan and carry out work independently. Good communication and coordination skills
l 有责任心和成本观念,工作中能具备高度的自我激励能力和灵活性,可以接受出差
Responsible and cost-conscious think