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Sales Manager

Job ID: 49671
Job Views: 1,978
Location: Beijing, Beijing
Job Category: Machinery & Parts
Employment Type:
Posted: 2021-06-30 16:02:41



Job Description

 Our client is a leading company from Europe with products for surface treatment, 

1 负责客户开发和维护,积极挖掘客户的新需求

Responsible for business development and customer maintenance, actively tap new customer needs;

2 根据公司年度目标,设定销售目标,制定计划并实施;

 According to the company's strategy, set sales target, make plan and implement;

3 参与市场调研,收集市场、客户和竞争对手信息,进行分析和整理汇报;

Participate in market research, collect the info of market, customer and competitors, analyze and report to the top management;

4 负责所跟进项目销售全过程管理,做好销售合同的洽谈和签订;

 Follow-up the sales process management, and manage the contract negotiation ;

5 积极跟进所负责项目的验收和销售回款;

Follow up the payment issues;

6 完成上级交代的其它事宜。

Complete other tasks assigned by the superiors.




Job Requirements

 1.      At least 5 years of sales experience in cleaning machine industry ,experience with  multinational companies is preferred


2.      Has networks in the industry of cleaning machine

3.      Bachelor or above degree in the field of polytechnic , major in electromechanical is preferred