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3D Design Manager-Mould

Location: China Other 中国其他, Guangdong
Job Category: Automotive & Parts
Job ID: 49084
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2019-07-25 11:57:13

Job Description:

 Our client is a leading company from Germany with casting products, what they are now looking for is Desing Manager

Working Location: 珠三角

1. Overall responsible for the R&D department, timely grasp and understand the company's demand for new technology and technology of die and mould, responsible for the development and introduction of advanced manufacturing technology to meet the company's new product development needs;

2. Responsible for docking with Engineering Technology Department, High-tech Enterprise Consulting Company and Finance agent to complete the audit of high-tech enterprises;

3. Be responsible for communicating and communicating with R&D center of German headquarters, docking with Quality Department, and completing SDP projects required by customers.

4. According to the documents provided by customers, analyzing the die-casting parts to guide the structural design; responsible for the die design and development of new product parts and for the management of the technical data and management of the die; check the technical status of the die; responsible for the preparation and standardization of spare parts and spare parts list for die maintenance;

5. Calculate the cost of mould development, assist in making mould contract, coordinate and track the design and manufacturing process of mould, and maintain and manage the mould. Get familiar with die material, processing technology and cost;

6. Assist in solving the problems of processing technology and technical quality in the production process; be responsible for the audit of production process, operation documents, production process documents compilation, revision and other work in each process of die casting;

7. Responsible for organizing product review and die design pre-and post-evaluation, responsible for the formulation of die plan, responsible for the rationality and reliability of die structure. To guide the structural design; to evaluate the supplier's mould scheme and reduce the risk of opening process;

8. Be able to independently design die assembly drawings and parts drawings, responsible for the rationality and reliability of the structure, accuracy and validity of drawings, and ensure that all links of production can be processed according to drawings and quality control can be inspected according to drawings.

9. Participate in the evaluation of processing technology and the improvement of processing technology, quickly and effectively solve the technical problems of forming.

10. Rationally formulate the development plan of die and mould engineering, supervise the implementation of the plan, and ensure that the CAD/CAE plan does not affect the follow-up production and processing progress;


11. To analyze the defects of die casting parts, have the ability to analyze and solve, follow up, and complete the problem rectification with structural engineers and die casting suppliers.

Job Requirements:

 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical manufacturing or die design, more than 8 years of experience in die casting enterprise, familiar with aluminum alloy die casting knowledge;

2. Have a deep understanding of the die structure, familiar with the die processing process;

3. Good experience in die casting process.

4. Be proficient in using CAD, PROE, UG, MAGMA and other softwares; be able to make full 3D, scatter drawing;

5. Be able to independently optimize the design of the die and complete the whole set of die design. Be able to independently complete the die design according to the development plan and the requirements of the product process; be familiar with the use of the die flow analysis

6. Ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.