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China Sales Director

Location: China Other 中国其他, Jiangsu
Job Category: Automotive & Parts
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Posted: 2019-09-18 10:20:13

Job Description:

 Our client is an international manufacturer of chassis, Axle systems and components, with headquarter in Europe,  therefore. Currently they are looking for a high caliber to drive the business growth in China


Position Title:  China Sales Director

Reporting to:  China President from Germany( expat)

Subordinate20 Team members

Location: Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province


Job Duties:

We are looking for a strong sales person with sales and marketing responsibility for all China in various channels of OEM, fleet and aftermarket.

o   We expect this person to analyze markets, customers, competitors and complementary parties. Based on this analysis, customer requirements (OEM, Fleet, AM) need to be defined

o   As a result, strategic plans for the different areas and channels in China need to be developed to grow sales and market share. These plans need to also line out the requirements for the other parts of the organizations beyond the departments and processes under direct control. These requirements can include engineering projects, operations requiremts, sourcing activities to develop local content or to reduce cost

o   The  Sales Director needs to develop sales budgets, plan margin development and develop consistent pricing strategies. Monitoring sales, margin development and those pricing strategies is an essential portion of the job duties. Tracking KPI’s related to the sales process is also part of the job duties, including the identification of deviations – with support from Finance – and initiating counter measures. The department budget is also part of this process.

o   The Sales Director has to be able to built-up maintain and customer relationships. Establishing and maintaining personal relationships with big or strategically important customers is essential.

o   The Sales Director initiates and participates in marketing activities. This may include the development of special marketing tools for China. The application of those initiatives and tools also needs to be monitored by the Director to make sure that consistency throughout the different channels and regions is given.

o   The Sales Director needs to understand the regional markets and needs to define regional specifics to make sure corporate initiatives and policies are applied under consideration of local specifics.

o   The  Director of Sales is responsible for the coordination of all sales processes, including Service. This includes the management the internal sales team, as well as the service and fleet team.

o   The Director also has the responsibility for the Fleet Sales group. It is essential that this group does focus on both Tractor and Trailer components, as well as on the Aftermarket. The Fleet Sales group represents all products and services o. The Sales Director needs to support and drive this behavior.

o   We expect the Sales Director  to maintain regular communication with the team and to identify team’s strengths and weaknesses and set up measurements to improve team’s performance. That also includes the tracking of individual performance and the preparation of development plans for individuals.



Job Requirements:

 Although we are looking for the ultimate candidate, we also understand that it is rare to find a person that fulfills this unrealistic list of requirements. We understand that each candidate brings a mix of capabilities and experience with him. We are glad to benefit from the strengths, but we are also willing to develop and complement the weaknesses.

o   The candidate needs to have multiyear experience in a comparable sales position in the commercial vehicle industry. Experience with complex sales processes, service and product concepts need to be given.

o   Experience in working for multinational companies are required together with a strong ethical compass, understanding and acceptance of global compliance rules

o   The candidate needs very strong communication skills and the ability to built-up and maintain strong relationships within the industry.  Excellent English language skills are mandatory.

o   Strong analytical, strategic and tactical skills to be able to conduct necessary studies and prepare strategic plans are required.

o   Experience in establishing marketing and communication concepts and the organization of events such as trade shows and market promotions are welcome

o   The candidate needs to be prepared for extensive travelling.

o   The nature of our business is cyclical. Therefore it does help when the candidate remains calm in stressful situations and makes clear decisions to guide the team.

o   A master in Finance or Engineering is helpful. However, experience ranks higher than formal education.

o   We very much appreciate “out of the box” thinkers. However, odd characters do not have a chance. Self-awareness regarding strengths and weaknesses is very important.

Key Metrics

The Sales Director will be measured upon the following key indicators.

·        Sales

·        Gross Profit

·        EBIT

·        OEM market share

·        Fleet market share

·        Fleet specification share

·        On Time Delivery

·        Service cost

·        G&A – sales and marketing expense

Many of those KPI’s are “shared” with other management staff in the organization. However, there are two lines in the company P&L statement: “Sales” and “G&A – Sales and marketing expense”. We expect the Sales Director being able to explain the development of those figures and is also being able to explain any deviations.


The Sales Director will be also evaluated on how she or he lives up to company’s values and how well she or he is able to work together with her/his supervisor, peers and subordinates.