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Country Sales Director

Location: Shanghai 上海, Shanghai
Job Category: Automation & Electric
Job ID: 49277
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 2021-01-19 11:14:02

Job Description:

1. 参与制定年度营销规划、费用预计及年度销售分解计划;

 Participate in the formulation of annual marketing plan, Expense Forecast and the breakdown of annual sales plan;

2. 统筹部门的业务拓展,组织指导下属开展商务洽谈,深入挖掘客户需求,带领营销团队完成年度销售指标;

Coordinate the business development of the Department, organize and guide subordinates to carry out business negotiations, deeply tap customer needs, and lead the marketing team to complete the annual sales target;

3. 及时跟进销售回款情况进,并对出现的问题及时组织处理。

 Follow up the sales payment in time, and deal with the problems in time.

4. 主导建立、拓展与客户及社会各界的关系,建立完善的客户关系管理体系; 

Lead to establish and expand the relationship with customers , and improve the management system for client relationship;

5. 组织开展客户满意度调查,对调查结果进行统计分析,编制并提交统计分析报告;

Organize and carry out customer satisfaction survey, make statistical analysis on the survey results, and prepare and submit statistical analysis report;

6. 协助上级完成销售队伍的建设、指导提升销售人员的销售技巧;

Assist the superior to build up the sales team, guide and improve the sales skills of the sales staff;

7. 协助上级对营销过程中出现的问题提出有效的纠正措施和指导建议。

Assist the superior to put forward effective corrective measures and suggestions for the problems occruing in the marketing process.


Job Requirements:

1. 本科及以上学历,电子、通讯、自动化、测控技术、计算机等相关专业;

Bachelor degree or above, majoring in electronics, communication, automation, measurement and control technology, computer and other related majors;

2. 5年以上营销团队管理经验,对本行业的市场发展及品牌定位有深刻的理解;

More than 5 years of management experience marketing area, have a deep understanding of the industry’s trend and brand positioning;

3. 能够独立制定市场开发及推广实施计划;

Be able to make market development and promotion plan independently;

4. 有极强的市场策划和运作能力;

Strong market planning and operation ability;

5. 熟悉现代化企业管理模式和市场营销模式;

Familiar with modern enterprise management mode and marketing mode;

6. 具有丰富的营销经验,优秀的市场策划能力和运作能力;

Have rich marketing experience, excellent market planning ability and operation ability;

7. 具有优秀的建设、培养、发展和激励营销团队的能力。

Have excellent ability to build, cultivate, develop and motivate marketing team.