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China Recruiter
Room 1901, Multimedia Park, Changning Road, Shanghai
Shanghai 上海, Shanghai (China)

Phone: 400 991 9983
Web: www.chinarecruiter.net

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Company Description:

China Recruiter is the leading provider of executive search services in some high-end niche markets. With focus on china, the most fast-growing country around the world, we cooperate closely with multinationals, local giants and high calibers to craft successful human capital strategies and solutions—offer creative suggestions to clients with leadership needs meanwhile provide expertise to professionals to achieve career excellence 

   With a distinctive strategy, China Recruiter is dedicated to the fields where specific engineering  and science capabilities required, under which we believe engineering and science capabilities and their innovation are the engine to drive companies forward, no matter these companies are multinational or local, big or small, existing or start-up. Underpinning this vision is our  success, in a rapidly increasing
way, more than 90% of our business flows from existing clients, ranging across industries, from North, East, Central, South China as well as Hong Kong

Clients and professionals are often amazed at our multi-win solutions generated by the blend of art and science, the art of (individual or collective) judgment combined with the science of our process and systems, which roots in our culture. At china Recruiter, we embrace and award team work, collaboration, knowledge sharing, creation, innovation as well as lasting study, we invest heavily in training and development to improve our consultants continually; we strive to be the most specialized and the best, rather than the biggest or the most visible, this philosophy has cultivated our long-term commitment and success to clients, professionals and our people, no matter it is a prosperous or a slump economy, we stand by as always.

China Recruiter was set up at Hong Kong in 1998 with the original name of Ocean Hope Consultants Ltd, and then re-named as China Recruiter Consultants Ltd in the year of 2005, currently we have offices at Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong as well as associates at Beijing

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Title City Posted Down
Plant Manager Changzhou 常州 2019-10-23 15:23:52
  Our client is a multinational company from Canada with a long history, with the manufacturing  globally...

CEO Outside China 中国以外 2019-10-22 14:28:03
  The company the incumbent will manage is located at the UK, which is staffed with several hundreds of people...

Deputy CFO-上市集团企业财务副总监 China Other 中国其他 2019-10-21 13:51:06
我们客户为国内知名上市集团企业,产业涉及, 航空, 汽车, 工程机械部件,...

GM-Aero Space Division China Other 中国其他 2019-10-14 09:52:24
如有问题,可联系我们的微信客服, 微信号为:  deyihr   或 扫码以下二维码...

Sales Manager Shanghai 上海 2019-10-10 15:12:25
Our client is a worldwide leading company from the USA in the industry of automation, offering total solutions...

Sourcing Team Leader China Other 中国其他 2019-09-25 15:15:46
  如有问题,可联系我们的微信客服, 微信号为:  deyihr   或...

Network Engineer China Other 中国其他 2019-09-25 14:46:49
  如有问题,可联系我们的微信客服, 微信号为:  deyihr   或...

DGM China Other 中国其他 2019-09-25 14:29:03
  如有问题,可联系我们的微信客服, 微信号为:  deyihr   或...

Sales Manager & Mechanical Service, South East Asia & Australia Outside China 中国以外 2019-09-20 15:59:56
  Our client is a global leader and local player in the areas such as system integrator, designer &...

China Sales Director China Other 中国其他 2019-09-18 10:20:13
  Our client is an international manufacturer of chassis, Axle systems and components, with headquarter...

Results: 899 Jobs
Number of jobs per page: